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Joyce Field

A friendly reminder to all who are doing genealogical research.
Please help JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) by
photographing and/or indexing cemeteries wherever you may travel this
Spring, Summer, and Fall. Instructions are at
http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Cemetery/JOWBRinstructions.htm, or
contact me or Nolan Altman, JOWBR Technical Coordinator privately.
Nolan can be reached at nta@pipeline.com.

Burial records contain valuable genealogical information. In many
small towns throughout the U.S., Jewish cemeteries have been
"orphaned" as the Jewish population has left; as a result, important
information on early Jewish settlers will be irrevocably lost if we
do not capture and make this information available.

Ada Green will make an important presentation on cemetery research at
the IAJGS 2006 Conference in New York in August. She has personally
indexed more U.S. cemeteries and landsmanschaft plots and donated
her invaluable work to JOWBR than any other single individual. If
you need suggestions on how to do cemetery research, her introduction
will be important for you. In the interim, read our online
instructions at the JOWBR web site.

Nolan and I look forward to hearing >from you. A large batch of files
will be uploaded to JOWBR soon; therefore, the current cemetery
inventory, at
http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Cemetery/tree/CemList.htm, does
not yet reflect these additions. To avoid duplication, contact Nolan
about your cemetery indexing plans.

Joyce Field JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition jfield@jewishgen.org

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