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Ariella Litvynova <larisenochek@...>

To who it may concern.
I am looking for my grandfather's brother. He was born in 1922 in Buelorussia
c. Cherven. His mother's name is Leba and father's name is Rafail. He was lost in
1941 during bombing and then nobody saw him but also my family couldn't get a
document, that he was dead. He was very smart person. Basicly he dissapeared.
His brother's name is Simha-Semen. My family is thinking that he might moove to
the States or other country. My e-mail is Larisenochek@... My name is
Ariella. Please if anyone can help me, please do so. Thank you so much.
May God bless you. Sincerely,

Ariella Litvynova <Larisenochek@...>

MODERATOR NOTE: This is not the right list for asking this question. Members
who can suggest which SIGs might be more helpful would be kind to suggest same
to Ms. Litvynova.

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