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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

I have been reading with interest the discussion following Helene Kenvin's
excellent suggestions towards developing a web site.

My suggestion is that it cover the appropriate Early American period and
stop at 1870. Anything later is covered by other groups and is not
considered by historians as Early American.

The web site should be more on the level of a Litvak SIG site rather than a
smaller shtetlink site.

The coverage of the site can be possibly divided in the various historical
timeframes of this large chunk of America history such as:

1. Pre-Colonial

2. Colonial Period and Revolutionary War (13 original colonies)

3. War of 1812

4. Age of Expansion (westward exploration and settlement)

5. Civil War and Reconstruction (movement and resettlement, expansion)

In this way, individuals who are primarily interested in research in a
particular timeframe can focus on one of these areas.

You can also have general areas of research such as cemeteries, synagogues,
orphan asylums, landsmannschaftns, etc.

There are a number of excellent organizations which have loads of research
available for the Early American period and they should be approached about
working with the Early American SIG, i.e., American Jewish Historical

Also, there are already many references on JewishGen to Early American Jews,
i.e., early Czechoslovakian Jews,
http://www.jewishgen.org/BohMor/early_immig.html , one of whom, Joachim
GANS, came as early as 1585 to Roanoke, North Carolina.

It seems to be a matter of going through what is already available and
putting it into a suitable format on a web site. All the best,

Ann Rabinowitz annrab@bellsouth.net

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