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John Patrick <jpfano357@...>

Dear Nancy, Bonjour
Following my researsh i found this importane information
In the New York Times on the 18 july 1955 page 2
it is written Zaya KINGMAN-Marianna SPEELMAN( it is the same personne)
widow of Mr SPEELMAN a Dutch Banker
so now I have at least the approximat date of the death of Michiel
SPEELMAN between 1950 and 1955 could it be in USA ???? how to found out ?
ounce more any heplp will be appreciated
Yours sincerely
John Patrick Fano Silver Sands W.Australia <jpfano357@aol.com>ly

Friday, February 16, 2007 Nirdlinger@aol.com wrote:
Subject: RE: M. AVRAM
Responding to John Patrick Fano's Inquiry (pasted at the end of this
The term"cabinet" is foreign to this New Yorker as it relates to a law
firm...or any type corporation. However, in searching persons with "M.
AVRAM" still living in NYC the 1960s -- I found the following:
MOIS H. AVRAM - b. 15 Dec 1880 Rumania - died Feb 4, 1971 NYC.
His obituary appeared on page 32 of "The New York Times" on Feb 6, 1971
as follows:
[MODERATOR NOTE: Please ask Mr. Fano or Ms. Nirdlinger for the full text
or find same via the Internet.

John Patrick Fano Silver Sands W.Australia <jpfano357@aol.com> wrote:
In 1963 A lawyer by the name of Me AVRAM was surely a member of a Lawyer
cabinet at : 411 East 53 Street , New-York U.S.A. How could I known the name
of this cabinet ? I need to be put in contact as to founfd the descendancy
or ' Ayants droit" of one of the Share holders and Associate of my Grand father
Shanghai Cies Michel SPEELMAN was maried to Marianna .. Any help appreciated.

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