Early American SIG #USA Some subscribers missed JewishGen mailings August 2-5 #usa

Dick Plotz

Some of you have noticed that you received no posts or digests between
August 2nd and 5th. An unforeseen technical problem caused about a
third of the subscribers to JewishGen and hosted lists to be cut off
during that time. The problem has been resolved, and all subscribers
should now be receiving posts and digests normally.

If you think you might have been one of those affected, you can
retrieve any posts you missed by following the directions in the
JewishGen Support Center at


You will have to send a request for each list you are subscribed to.
Requests can be sent as separate lines in one e-mail or in separate
e-mails. You should specify the date range


if you are a digest subscriber, and


if you receive individual messages ("mail" mode).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dick Plotz
Manager of Mailing Lists
JewishGen, Inc.

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