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In A.A. Fraenckel's book on "Marriages in the XVIII century in
Alsace" there two basic units of moneys used for the "Dot" and
"Ketouba". These are "florins" and "livres".

What would be the equivalent in 2003 money - either Euro or
US Dollar?

Pierre M. Hahn, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
==== As you can imagine it is impossible to translate 18th century money
into nowdays money. The scale of value was quite different. But I can give
you some indications to understand what you could obtain at this time for "1
livre" knowing that 1 livre = 20 sous (sols) = 440 deniers, and = 1 pound of

in 1766 in Poitiers:
1 pound of beef = 5 sols
1 pound of butter = 10 sols
1 pound of wool = 22 sols
2 chiken= 7 sols
1 goose = 24 sols
12 eggs = 4 sols

In 1795 when the Franc became the official French money, 1 franc was a coin
of 5g of silver (even if until 1940 it was in use to say "20 sous" instead
of 1 franc). At this time and until the end of 19th century, a worker could
earn between 1 and 5 francs a day.

I don't know if all this can help!

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ (Paris - France)

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