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The answers, exactly what I was seeking (and more), the names of the
very early Jewish settlers:

There's a book, "The Grandees" by Stephen Birmingham (ISBN: 0-425-08390-X)
published in 1971 which tells the whole story and names
them all. Ron Goldman

Please see this article:
Alison Schlyen

"Origins of the Jewish Community of New York: The Brazilian Connection,"
at http://www.brasa.org/documents/brasa_ix/Ann-Wainer.pdf Helene Kenvin

These names are included in the book by David and Tamar de Sola Pool: An
Old Faith in the New World [Columbia University Press, New York, 1955]
Most of the names known are because of legal actions against them. [The
captain of the ship who brought them to Nieuw Amsterdam, dissatisfied =
with what they paid him, sued them for full costs. Other legal briefs =
against some of them included their names as well.] Not all the names =
are known, unfortunately.
Abraham & David Israel, Moses Ambrosius [Lumbrozo], Asser Levy, Solomon =
Pieters[en], Jacob bar Simson, two women: Judicq de Mereda and Rycke =
Nounes, Joseph D'Acosta [brother of the famous Uriel d'Acosta], =
Salvador d'Andrade, Jacob Cohen Henriques, Abraham de Lucena, Salvador =
Dandrada, David de Ferera.=20
If you are interested in these first Jews to Nieuw Amsterdam, I would =
strongly recommend that you get ahold of the de Sola Pools' book, which =
is a history of the oldest Jewish congregation on the continent: =
Shearith Israel. Rabbi David de Sola Pool also wrote the book Portraits =
Etched in Stone, which chronicles the early Jewish settlers >from 1682 to =
1831. Martha Levinson Lev-Zion

This was the first "Jewish community" in North America; it is known that
other Jews arrived individually and made their homes in other parts of
the Western Hemisphere. The Jewish communities in Brazil did not survive
the conquest by the Spanish over the Dutch, but Jews lived in South
America and the Caribbean in other Dutch and French colonies. Luis de
Torres who arrived with Columbus in 1492 did not return to Spain and
supposedly was the first tobacco grower in Cuba. Individual Jews show up
in records of some of the Southern States before 1650--just no Jewish
communities until 1654. Gladys Friedman Paulin

Thanks to you all
Arnold in Palmerston North, New Zealand ArnoldChamove@ynnovate.co.nz

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