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Eve Line Blum <eve.line.blum@...>

At 9:56 -0700 19/04/03, Pierre Hahn wrote:
On some birth certificates which I obtained on my last trip to Paris
I have two streets that I can not locate in up-to-date Paris plan. They
are rue des Fosses du Temple, and rue Neuve St. Augustin. I wonder if a
good person knowledgeable on disappeared or changed street names could
give me the old and the new arrondissements as well as their present
Hello Pierre,

According to what I found on the web at

Rue des Fosses du Temple doesn't exist anymore. Its completely
changed and seems to be part of other streets in the 11e

As for rue Neuve Saint Augustin, it's name now is rue des Filles St
Thomas, in the 2nd arrondissement

The book "Au bonheur des Dames", by Emile Zola, tells about a shop
which was in that street.
Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky
Besancon (France)
and also
Cercle de Genealogie Juive (International JGS in Paris)

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