Early American SIG #USA Seeking Henry and Pauline HART #usa

Mike White <mikewhite.bromham@...>

I'm hoping to track down some information in connection with two of my
great great grandparents who emigrated to America, probably in the
mid-1840s. Their, presumably anglicised, names were Henry and Pauline
Hart, although Pauline was also known as Pauline Wood. They appear in
the New York State census of 1855 where their birthplace is recorded as
Poland. But in the 1860, and subsequent, US Federal censuses their
birthplace is recorded as Prussia. Their years of birth vary in these
records but Henry was probably born in 1820 and Pauline around 1818.
Their first child was 7 years old in 1855 and was born in New York so I
suspect they arrived around 1847. My best guess is that they came from
some part of Pomerania.

My wife and I are going to Berlin in May and it would be easy for us to
visit the Stettin archive. But our limited knowledge of German, and
extremely limited knowledge of Polish, might render the visit
frustratingly unproductive. So we would be grateful for any advice
about how we might track down something about their European origins,
given that we can only guess what their original names might have been. Thanks,

Mike White mikewhite.bromham@...

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