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On a recent visit to San Francisco I spent some time exploring
Tiburon, just north of the city. Before this year the only thing I
knew about Tiburon was that the property values and scenic views there
were amazing, even for the Bay Area.

Through a chance meeting and conversation with a local store owner I
learned that much of Tiburon (he said) was owned by a ZELINSKY family.
Their painting company had a long-term contract to keep the Golden
Gate Bridge golden. Like many of our ancestors, they worked hard,
saved money and invested in real estate. It's not an unusual story
but it's set in an extraordinary place. I've wondered if the painting
contractor ZELINSKYs had been and remained Jewish. An obituary I
found today indicates positively on both counts.

"A memorial service for Edward Zelinsky, 82 -- philanthropist,
historian and Musee owner" was held 10 years ago at Congregation
Emanu-El in San Francisco.


Live and learn. Long ago I learned that Joseph B. STRAUSS, chief
engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't a close relative. Now I know
that the ZELINSKYs who painted his bridge weren't either. But the
stories of both those families are very interesting.

John Lowens, Suburban NYC

Researching STRAUS - Udenheim > Kaiserslautern, Rheinpfalz, Germany >
Mississippi > Arkansas > Gloversville & NY, NY

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