Early American SIG #USA David Laskin to keynote at IAJGS Conference #usa

Hal Bookbinder

David Laskin will be the keynote speaker at IAJGS Conference this
summer. His award-winning books are especially relevant to our family
experiences and to the WWI era. Laskin's book, "The Family," tells the
story of the three paths taken by his family. Descended >from a Torah
scribe in the Pale, some came to America where they lived the American
dream, some to Palestine as pioneer farmers and some remained in
Europe to face to horrors of the Shoah.

In his previous book, "The Long Way Home," he describes the
experiences of a dozen European immigrants who returned to Europe as
part of the American expeditionary forces in WWI.

His presentation will be given at the opening of the conference on
July 27, 2014 in Salt Lake City. The full program should be available
at the conference website by mid-April. For more information and to
register please see www.iajgs2014.org.

Hal Bookbinder, Lead Conference co-Chair
34th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
Salt Lake City, Utah, July 27 - August 1, 2014

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