Early American SIG #USA Researching Your Roots Using JewishGen - course begins November 1 #usa

Phyllis Kramer

What's special about JewishGen mentored courses?
Answer: you have an instructor who will personally respond to your
questions, make suggestions and assist you in researching the branch
you choose... 24/7.

This 4 week course will help you delve into JewishGen's rich
resources. Your course material includes 7 text based lessons (15-20
pages each), delivered online (which you can download) with hundreds
of links and suggestions.

We'll help you build an effective research plan, manage your data with
our fabulous format, and give you tips and techniques to overcome
research obstacles. To prepare, select one of your family
branches... one set of immigrant ancestors for which you know the town
of origin and we'll expand your knowledge of the world's largest
online Jewish resource for family history.

Requirements: Students must be comfortable browsing the Internet and
downloading files and have 8-10 hours per week to organize their
papers, read the lessons, search online and interact with the FORUM.
Tuition for this U.S. Genealogy Course is $125 (there is no waiver for
this course). Registration will open October 15; maximum 15 students;
more details and enrollment at www.JewishGen.org/Education
For questions about this course or which course is right for you...
email the instructor at JewishGen-education@...

Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education, JewishGen

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