Early American SIG #USA Seeking Abraham and Leopold FREIBERGER - New York & Chicago 1850s #usa

Irene and Fred <irenefred123@...>

Hi Everybody,

We are searching for information about Abraham FREIBERGER. He was
born on November 17, 1836, in an unknown town most likely in the
state of Bavaria or perhaps Wuertemberg.

Abraham left Le Havre, France on the ship "Admiral", arriving in New
York on December 3, 1852. He died in New York in 1915. >from what we
can determine, he had no children. However, joining him on his trip
to New York was either a brother or a cousin named Leopold FREIBERGER
who is shown in the US census of 1860 as living in Chicago. Further
census lists show him still living in Chicago until his death.

Leopold's wife was Babette and his children were Edward, Aldolph,
Linnie (Lena), Harriet, Fannie (Fanny), Emily and William. Leopold's
parents were Isaac and Henrietta FREIBERGER. Therefore, if Leopold's
children have descendants, we would be very interested in contacting
them or learning more about them.

Many thanks, Fred Einstein, suburban NYC irenefred123@gmail.com

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