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OK, so I took a DNA test >from 23 and Me, and it said I MAY have had a
Jewish ancestor, born sometime between 1730 and 1820. I was not raised
Jewish, but after seeing the results of this test, IF this test is
correct I'd like to find out who this person was, what his or her life
was like, et cetera. I honestly have no idea where to start, but I did
find a cousin on my dad's side who is also of Jewish descent,
according to 23 and Me...if the test is correct we are both of
Ashkenazi descent. One of our common ancestors was a Dorothy Lowe who
married a David Heffington in Virginia, and she fits the time frame.
Another possibility would be a Barbara van/von der Hutte who married a
Petter Quattlebaum in the Palatinate of Germany. She was born slightly
before the 1730 mark, but is another possibility. She is on my
mother's side.

I looked at the course offerings and saw where they had been
completed. I am aware of the videos but have not had the time to watch
them yet.

Can anyone help me figure out where to start looking for a paper trail?

Thank you. Melissa Anthony mlynanthony2@gmail.com

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