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Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Dear Friends:

As we prepare to celebrate the New Year please take a moment to consider
that JewishGen provides us with the vital source for our ongoing
genealogical research. JewishGen is still one of the only free
genealogical sites free to us, but not free to JewishGen, which must
bear the monthly expense of providing all the resources we use daily
without a second thought. These are costs that must be met to overcome
the current shortfall.

To continue as a public service institution, JewishGen has launched the
first Annual New Year Donor Appeal. The goal is to raise $300,000 to
carry us through to the end of 2002 and to acquire the necessary
hardware and software applications for improved databases scheduled to
begin going online by October. There are two million records >from
Yad Vashem and other sources waiting to be made available to us!

The financial support of each and every one of us is needed if JewishGen
is to continue as the only free site for Jewish genealogical research.
Give what you can afford, be it $25, the suggested annual minimum,
or $100 (or more) which will enroll you in the JGFFAlert. This is a
system that informs you via immediate e-mail if another researcher
enters data into the JGFF that has the potential of linking to your
family names.

Please go now to:

With your permission, your name will be listed on a special 2002 Annual
New Year Donor Appeal recognition site. We are asking that all our
users make a donation to the very best of their financial ability.
Consider scheduling a monthly deduction >from your credit card if this
works best for you.

On behalf of JewishGen and our FrenchSIG our very best wishes for a
healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

Rosanne Leeson
Pierre Hahn

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