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Joyce Field

Do you have burial data and photos of the tombstones of an entire
cemetery lying around which you can't submit to JewishGen's Online
Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) because you can't translate the
inscriptions? Never fear, help is near.

Neil Rosenstein has organized a superb team of translators ready and
eager to translate/transliterate the inscriptions on the tombstones
which meet the criteria of JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial
Registry (JOWBR). The team can work with digital photos according
to the following criteria. You must have photos of all the stones in
a small cemetery, all the stones in an individual landsmanschaft
plot, or all the stones in specific sections of extremely large
cemeteries. We regret that we cannot accept individual family burial
data. To repeat, we can only accept data >from an entire cemetery or
an entire landsmanschaft or otherwise specific plot in a large
cemetery. Obviously, if the inscriptions are not legible, the team
cannot translate them.

Please send the jpeg images on a CD-ROM disk to Neil Rosenstein,
clearly indicating the name and location of the cemetery.
Simultaneously, send two copies of a signed donor agreement to
Harriet Brown so that she can enter your submission in our tracking
system. When Neil's group completes its translation and enters the
data on our Excel template, he will submit the completed spreadsheet
to Ernie Fine,Technical Coordinator for JOWBR, and notify Harriet
Brown, Administrative Coordinator for JOWBR. If you have any
questions now about this procedure, please contact Harriet Brown at or me at

All the instructions and agreements are at Email and postal
addresses of JOWBR staff are also available at the site.

The team is waiting for your data!

Joyce Field

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