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<< A kind genner told me that the french first name ARMAND would be the same
ARMIN, a jewish one. It would be interesting for me to have the confirmation
of this translation or equivalent. >>

==To the best of my knowledge, Armin is not a "Jewish" first name, and I
could find no reference to it in Alexander Beider's dictionary of Ashkenazi
first names. Armin is an East European name, possibly Hungarian and may well
be a variant on Armand, which my dictionary tells me is a French variant of
the German name Herman--also not a "Jewish" name.

That does not mean that there were no Jews who bore the names Armand or Armin
(I've met a few in each variety). Herman was quite popular as a German name
among Jews in Germany >from about 1800 to 1930, and was often a name given to
someone with the Hebrew name Hayim. The most likely Hebrew name associated
with Armin might be Aaron, or perhaps Avraham or Avram

Michael Bernet,
New York

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