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Susana Leistner Bloch

We are posting this message on behalf of Larim El Asmar. The message was
received in French. This is the translation:

<< To find whether or not I have Jewish antecedents is the goal of my
investigation. I would think it would probably be via my mother, not my
father's side as the Jewish presence in Mauretania has not been of much
importance for centuries, or even millennia.

These are the details I am able to give you:
- My father: Mauritian and abandoned by his real mother, a black Mauritian
woman, was then brought up by a Moroccan Berber (his nurse), >from his birth
in 1938.

- My mother a Moroccan Berber "Chleuh" by origin, and thus the same as me,
and happily proud to be so, was born in 1945 in Marrakech, Morocco. Her
parents are Berbers also, and her family name is HARKANI.

Your sincerely,

Larim El Asmar
Toulouse, France >>

If you can help Larim please reply to :

Thank You

Susana Leistner Bloch
Project Manager
JewishGen International Desk

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