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<< On some birth certificates which I obtained on my last trip to Paris
I have two streets that I can not locate in up-to-date Paris plan. They
are rue des Fosses du Temple, and rue Neuve St. Augustin. I wonder if a
good person knowledgeable on disappeared or changed street names could
give me the old and the new arrondissements as well as their present
name/location. Thank you in advance >>

- Rue des fosses du Temple. This street lost its name but still exists,
included to-day in the rue Amelot, ancient 5th district, 11th district
since 1860. Rue Amelot is composed of 3 ancient streets; rue des Fosses
du Temple, rue Saint-Pierre Popincourt, and the formely rue Amelot much
shorter at that time. Rue Amelot follows the old defensives ditches of
the parisian walls of Louis XIII.

- Rue Neuve Saint-Augustin. To-day called rue Saint-Augustin, 2nd
district. This street was open in 1633, called first rue saint-Victor,
then between 1663-1881 rue Neuve Saint-Augustin and since 1881 rue
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Looking for
ROSENMAN(N), Lwow, Buczacz and Tarnopol area.
MACHAUF, Krakow, Bielsko, Vienna.
BASSER, Krakow, FRIEDMAN, Krakow. WINKLER, Krakow.

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