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I am searching for information and descendants of Isaak Feist STRAUSS
(1790-1869) and Beile Abraham STRAUSS (1791-1877)of Hachenburg. They had
10 children. Three were stillborn. The children were Jettgen Isaak
(1818-1840), Judl (Amalie) Isaak, (1819-1869), Hendle (Johanna) Isaak
(1822)married Heiman HEILBERG, Loeb Joseph STRAUSS (1827) married Janette
SALOMON, Sarah STRAUSS (1833) may have emigrated to Connecticut, Gelle
STRAUS (1827) may have emigrated to Connecticut. Youngest was Ferdinand
Isaac STRAUSS who was my great grandfather (1840) and emigrated to
Cleveland, Ohio in the 1870s via Paris where he supposedly worked in the
printing industry with cousins.

The childen of Loeb Joseph and Janette Salomon STRAUSS were:
Regina STRAUSS 1859
Julia STRAUSS 1862-1869
Salomon STRAUSS 1864
Karoline STRAUSS 1866
Fanny STRAUSS 1868
Isaak STRAUSS 1871
Bertha STRAUSS 1874-1879
Ferdinand STRAUSS 1877-1878
A book on Hachenburg gave me the names of Loeb Joseph's children and
stated that it was unknown where they had gone.

Please contact me privately if anyone has information on any of these

Linda Levine
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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