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Elizabeth Jackson

Dear FrenchSIG members,

Thank you to all who have sent responses re: my
questions about the family names RYWKIND and KLEPFISZ
from a 1940 postcard I have. Now, I have a new

In 1993, I sent a quiry to the Israelitische Orthodoxe
Gemeente Machsike Hadass in Antwerp, Belgium. I was
trying to see if any members of my Mother's family
might still be in Belgium (surnames KLEPFISZ and
INGBERG). In response, they sent me two
addresses/phone for KLEPFISCH. I tried writing to
these individuals, but received no answer.
Unfortunately, I do not speak French, so wrote in
English and am wondering if this might be why I
received no response. And then there is always the
thought that when you write to "relatives" for the
first time, they are afraid you "want something." I
am only trying to further trace my Mother's family.
My maternal Grandmother was Sosse Charlotte INGBERG,
nee KLEPFISZ b. 10 Oct 1887 Warsaw Poland. My
maternal Grandfather was Hirsch Wolf INGBERG, b.
1870/71 Warsaw Poland. Both had relatives in Belgium
(early 1900's through war time ... I don't know about
after this time). I am wondering if our members have
any suggestions on how I might attempt, once again, to
contact the following names given to me by the
Orthodox Union:

KLEPFISCH - MARCOVICI, Van Eycklei 42, 2018 Antwerpen
(tel. 230.58.43)

KLEPFISCH B., De Roest d'Alkemadelaan 5, 2600 Berchem
(tel. 230.33.76)

Any help/suggestions will be most appreciated!

Elizabeth Jackson
Tennessee, USA

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