French SIG #France Re: Merzbach Banking firm (Paris) + Franco-Prussian War #france

samorai <samorai@...>

This is my first appearance on FrenchSig. I have been a relatively quiet
member of BohMor Sig for about two years. Two queries:

I. I wish to obtain any information about Bernard S. MERZBACH, especially
his banking firm in Paris during the 1860s. Mr. Merzbach was a
sabbath-observing Jew who kept his offices closed on the Sabbath and Holy
Days. He joined Alliance Israelite Universelle in 1866 and was on the Paris
branch's Comite de Propagande in 1868. One son, George MERZBACK, was an
officer in the Legion of Honour. Are there sources concerning Jewish
businesses in Paris during this period, or banking firms in Paris during
this period, which might illuminate the nature and extent of Merzbach
banking activities?

Finally would anyone know if this Merzbach is related to the Banking firm
Merzbachs in Frankfurt?

II. Secondly, does anyone have information about Jews >from Germany, settled
in Paris at the time of the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, who either
stayed in Paris or quickly left? We are talking approximately about the
period mid-July 1870 to early September 1870.

Native French-speakers may reply privately in French if more comfortable


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