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Would anyone know anyhthing about Stalag IIA, a German prisoner of war
camp in which my father was held captive. My father was Judah ROZENBERG
and had been conscripted into the French army before the start of the

I am also looking for family LICHTER, who lived in Paris and then
emigated to Belgium in th1950's. There were 2 children, Daniel and

Thank you.

London, England
A quick "google" search using the terms "Stalag II A" (enclosed between
quotation marks, turned up:

which says in part that this camp was located in Neubrandenberg

At another URL

Stalag II A is listed, with the note that Neubrandberg is or was otherwise
known as Mecklembourg

from the above URLS and others which I found online, it appears that many
captured members of the US army were sent to this camp. At:

I learned that prisoners were housed in stables used during WW I. The
prisoners slept on wooden beds with only one third of a blacket to cover them. The
Red Cross provided boxes of rations to supplement the diet of boiled grass,
rotten turnips and potatoes which were provided by their captors.

One URL for Stalag II A was in Russian which, on my computer and with my AOL
browser, appears only as rows of question marks.

Another site in French, at: says that the webmaster's father was mobilized at the war's
declaration and while in the Ardennes was taken prisoner on June 17, 1940 sent to
Stalag II A, in east Prussier near Stettin. He was liberated by Russian troops
on May 1, 1945.

I leave it to Ms. Rosenberg to click on and read other URLs about that

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