French SIG #France Reminder about vacation settings! #france

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Dear fellow FrenchSIGgers,

We are getting to vacation time once again, and so your Co-Coordinators
wish to remind you that you must set your SIG subscriptions to NOMAIL,
before you activate you out-of-office, or out of town responders. To do
this you should go to:
Click on Modify options, and choose the FrenchSIG. When you return you
should do this in reverse, and reset your mail options to your usual
choice. Remember there is no Secretarial Staff at JewishGen . You
must do this for yourself!

If you do not, then every message that is sent out to the list is
returned to the sender! Please be courteous. We all have to deal with
so much spam that this is an extra burden that you put on our other

Thank you,
Rosannne Leeson
Pierre Hahn

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