French SIG #France Westan-naus, France current location and OBERSON genealogy #france

Judy L Pfaff <pfaff@...>

Hello, I am writing this for a friend. She is working
on her OBERSON family genealogy.

OBERSON, John Sylvester was born in Westan-naus, France, 10 February 1835.

OBERSON, Peter was born in Westan-naus, France, 22 October 1843.

OBERSON, Nancy was born near Paris, France, 14 June 1846.

John Sylvester, Peter and Nancy were siblings who all came to
America about 1851.

We have not been able to locate "Westan-naus, France."
Could anyone help us with a current location name.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.
Judy Levy Pfaff (, DeWiit, Michigan, USA

I speak English, but could find help in reading French.

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