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Dear FrenchSIGers,

This is a one-time permitted reference to a most fascinating book, that
I have just learned about, for those of you who wonder what it was like
to live and survive in wartime France. I have no vested interest in it,
but thought that many of you would care to know of it. The title is:
"I gave you life twice; a story of survival, dreams, betrayals and

The author, Henry Fribourg, chronicles his life story, beginning with
his carefree childhood in France, which ended with the entry of the Nazi
Panzer tanks, threatening his family with death. He relates how he
escaped with his pregnant mother and little sister, dodging bombs and
machine gun bullets along the road to eventual freedom. >from Vichy,
France, where their French soldier father and husband was able to join
them, the family made their way to Algeria, Cuba and eventually to the
US. But, they lost many members of their family in the Nazi death camps.

The second portion of the book deals with his successful life in the
US., where he served in the Korean war, and went on to a distinguished
career in the field of Agriculture. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Crop
Ecology, Univ. of Tennessee.

The book also contains a summary of his paternal ancestry going back to
1640 (so far!) in Lorraine.

You can read more about the book, including a preview of a chapter

Rosanne Leeson

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