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Sara Crystal <scrapbasket@...>

dear friends, I am searching for CRYSTAL/KRYSTAL relatives and
history. My grandfather Joseph CRYSTAL/KRYSTAL and his brother
George/Gdalja/Gustav/Gustain had an older brother and possibly a sister
in Paris in 1904-WWII. They were all >from Warsaw, Poland or possibly
Grawejo or the Piotrkow Gubernia in Poland. This brother was
successful in diamond jewelry sales and manufacture >from 1902(?) or so.
The name of the business in Newark and NYC was LA PEARIS or something
like that. My grandfather Joe used to write letters in Hebrew to his
brother.I have heard that the jewelry is now collectable. Can you help
take me further or does this information ring any bells? Family
history says most CRYSTAL that remained in Poland and France perished
but one or two survived.

Yours, Sara CRYSTAL in Oakland Ca searching for

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