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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

In addition to George's answer, there is a database in French National
Archives website. If you go to
and clic on "Leonore" and ask for the names you want.

You find:
Cote L2546070
Sexe M
Date de naissance 1859/05/24
Nationalité A
Lieu de naissance PARIS

Cote L0649041
Prénoms OSCAR
Sexe M
Date de naissance 1846/06/23
Nationalité A
Lieu de naissance BAS-RHIN ; WISSEMBOURG

With these references, you can ask for a copy of the file if you write to:

Archives nationales (CARAN)
Service de reproduction
60, rue des Francs-Bourgeois 75141 Paris Cedex 03

Tél : 01-40-27-64-20

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ - Paris - France

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Two members of my extended family were "Chevalier de
la Legion d'Honneur", according to the inscriptions on
their common gravestone in Montparnasse Cemetery,

Maurice SPRINGER, doctor, (lived in 19th century)
Oscar DALMBERT, lawyer, (1846, Wissembourg-1926,Paris)

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