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Doug Stern <shlomoson@...>

Dear French Jewishgeners,

My mothers side of the family are french Jews who escaped >from Spain around
1492 to France and then to England and in the late 1800's came here to
Winnipeg, Canada. What I would like to ask is if any one knows how common it
was for Jews in Spain and France to have the name LEFARRENT and WELLS?
Family tradition says that they shortened the name to FARRENT when they
moved to England. Here are the names I am trying to track down. Thomas
FARRENT born 1812 in London,Soho,Middlesex, England. He had a daughter named
Caroline FARRENT born 1836 who married George W. WELLS born 1826 at
WhiteWaltam,Berkshire, England. They came to Canada in the early 1900's.
Does this ring a bell with anyone out there? Thanks for your help.



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