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Georges Graner

Le 21:32 18/05/2005,James R. Platt écrit:

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of various
grandparents and great grandparents >from Lithuania (via JewishGen
LitvakSIG), but recently was told by family members that they believed some
family members came >from Alsace in the mid 1800s. Unfortunately, they did
not have the name of any village or shtetl, which may make this research
impossible. I am also posting an inquiry on GerSIG as I know it also covers

I would appreciate hearing >from anyone who may be familiar with the name
About Alsace. We have good "censuses" of Alsace in 1808 and 1851. You can
find the indexes of these censuses on our Website , in
the section "Other Researches". I have found there no mention of PLATTEIS
/ PLATTUS. Nevertheless, one can find the name BLATT in Cernay(Haut-Rhin)
in 1808 and 1851, and in Thann (Haut-Rhin) in 1851 and the name PLATTE in
1808 at Besançon (in the file Haut-Rhin).

May I also suggest that you ask a question on the same site in the Section

Good luck

Georges GRANER (Paris, France)
Webmaster of Cercle de Généalogie Juive

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