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JewishGen is pleased to announce the addition of 37,000 new records to
the JewishGen Holocaust Database < >.

There are 13 new datasets, and two updated datasets. The 13 new datasets

* "Lodz Transports to the Chelmno Extermination Camp":
Names of 7,168 individuals >from Lodz who were transferred to the death
camp at Chelmno, June-August 1944.

* "Gyor Victims at Auschwitz":
Names of over 3,000 victims >from Gyor, Hungary, deported to Auschwitz,
made by a Jewish communal organization.

* "Jewish Physicians >from Czechoslovakia":
Names of 1,668 Czechoslovakian physicians who died during the
Holocaust, >from an unpublished yizkor book manuscript.

* "Hannover-Ahlem Prisoners":
Names of 257 prisoners, mostly Polish Jews, who perished in a subcamp of
Neuengamme, located in Ahlem/Hannover.

* "Jews of Des (Dej) in the Ghettoization of May, 1944":
List of 3,250 Jewish residents in Des, Hungary (now Dej, Romania), just
prior to their deportation, May 3-10, 1944.

* "Kisvarda, Hungary - Records Before Deportation, 1944":
3,516 residents >from Kisvarda (Kleinwardein), Hungary ghetto prior to
their deportation, April 10-13, 1944.

* "Jews >from Iasi (Jassy) Who Survived the Transports":
List of over 1,600 Jews who survived two transports by train >from Iasi
(Jassy) Romania.

* "Kozienice Ghetto Census (Lista), 1939 - 1942":
4,023 inhabitants >from the census of Jews in the Kozienice ghetto, made
by the Jewish Council of Kozienice.

* "Holocaust Survivors Claiming American Citizenship":
Applications of 621 individuals claiming American citizenship, processed
in Zurich by the U.S. State Department.

* "Subotica Jews, Victims of the Fascist Occupation, 1941-45":
1,993 names of victims >from Subotica, now in Serbia (formerly Szabadka,
Hungary, before WWI).

* "Balta Ghetto":
2,817 Jews >from the Balta Ghetto, Transnistria, as of 1941.

* "Balta Orphans":
List of 220 orphaned children in the Balta Ghetto.

* "Balta Batallion":
List of 507 Jewish men in Batallion 120 - Romanian forced laborers in
Transnitria, 1941-1944.

We've also updated the following two datasets:

* Dachau Indexing Project:
Over 7,000 records added, for a total of over 135,000 records.

* North Bavarian Jews:
1,200 records added; now over 7,400 records total.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have made these possible, especially
project coordinators Nolan Altman and Mike Kalt.

The JewishGen Holocaust Database is a collection of nearly 100 different
datasets, containing over one million entries about Holocaust victims
and survivors.

This database can be searched at < >.


Warren Blatt
JewishGen Editor-in-Chief

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