French SIG #France Re:Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive, Issue 84 #france

Georges Graner

Jean-Pierre KLEITZ has found the documents preparing the 1784
Census of the (Alsatian) Jews deposited at the Haut-Rhin
archives. They contain richer information than the published
final census, family names, birth dates and places of the family
members/,/ titles and trades, estimated assets, links and rights
between the individual and the sire (taxes, etc.).
Is this for the entire Haut-Rhin or one specific unnamed town?

Ralph Baer Washington, DC

My answer:
In Issue 84 of our Journal, it is only for BERGHEIM. In a previous
issue (#70, 2002), the same author studied the documents for
Ingenheim, Ingwiller, Neuwiller-les-Saverne, Lichtenberg,
Pfaffenhoffen Offwiller and Schwindratzheim. I don't know whether the
Archives contain other 1784 documents.

Georges GRANER (Paris, France)
Webmaster of Cercle de Généalogie Juive

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