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Stephane Toublanc <toublanc@...>

Census are organized town by town, gathered in the "Archives
Departementales". There are 90 departements in metropolitan France.

For Paris for instance, you have to know an adress. You have to look, street
after street, and for each house in a street, you will find home after home,
names of the inhabitants. There is no other way.


Stephane Toublanc
Paris - France

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What about the rest of France? And where and how can they be accessed?

Jackye Sullins
San Diego

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There is no Population Census for Paris before 1926. For this city, there
are Censuses with nominative data for the years 1926, 1931, 1936 and

Laurence Abensur-Hazan (Mrs)

Subject: Census Records
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Can anyone tell me if there are census records for Paris >from about 1912
onward? Can one access them without an address?
Jackye Sullins

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