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Paul King <samorai@...>

Je cherche Denise Franck qui a ecrit un Page of Testimony [PoT] a Yad Vashem
en 1/1/1997 pour Salomon Scheuer (pere: Isaac; mere: Elise Helene nee
Dublon) de Provins, Seine et Marne.

Please reply privately.

Paul King

SCHEUER - Thalfang (Moselle - Rhineland) et Provins

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As a one time courtesy I will translate:

I am looking for Denise FRANCK who wrote a page of testimony (PoT)
in Yad Vahem on 1-Jan-1997 for Salomon SCHEUER (father Isaac;
mother Elise Helene nee DUBLON)>from Provins, department Seine et Marne.

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