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Elizabeth Jackson

Dear members,

My Uncle Max INGBERG lived in Brussels, Belgium
(German record dated 24 Oct 1936) at Rue Henri
Vienstemps 52. My Uncle passed away back in 1983 and
as I never met him, I am trying to learn more about
him. Does anyone know how I might find if there are
any records in Belgium for my Uncle? He was born 8
Nov. 1904 Warsaw, Poland. He later moved to Minden,
Germany and it is >from here that he came to Belgium as
a Political Refugee (he was an active member of the
Social Democratic Party in Germany). It is my
understanding that he was very active in the
underground movement in Belgium (specifically 1941)
and helped many to escape. Max was married to Divojra
Laja SOSNOWSKI 4 or 24 Oct 1936, Brussels, Belgium.
They had two children: Rosemarie INGBERG-MADLENER and
Henry INGBERG. I have an address for Rosemarie as Rue
d'Orbais, 10A, 1360 Maleves, Belgium. I wrote and
received one letter, but no responses after that. I
know it is difficult for her to read/write English and
I do not speak/write French. I have never had any
contact with the son and have no address for him. I
have been told that one of the grandchildren is a
concert pianist, I believe Frank MADLENER, son of
Rosemarie. I am anxious to learn more about my Uncle
and hoping that some records will exist in Belgium. I
just do not know where to look!

Any help/suggestions members can provide will be most

Thank you!
Elizabeth Jackson
Tennessee, USA


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