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Cautin & Berger were famous photographers of the early
1900. We find some images and other documents on them
until 1910.
Robert Cautin was the most succesful one, I do not
know the first name of Berger.
We can find photo taken on some antique books, info on
them at ILAB, Musee des Beaux-Arts du Canada ....
They have photographed well known people such as Miss

I hope it helps
Sophie Blachet
Miami Beach, FL

--- Pierre Hahn <pierre28@...> a écrit :

I have a picture/photo of an uncle taken by Cautin &
Berger, 62 r de Caumartin Paris. Can anyone tell me the years that
this firm of photographers was in business - my guess is in the
early 1900 but I would like to know in greater detail.

Thank you in advance for any information

Pierre M Hahn, San Francisco

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