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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

Dear Sherry
Rue Rochechouart and Rue de Chateaudun are both in the 9th arrondissement
and were probably also in 1908 as there were very few changes in the Paris
arrondissements since the nineteenth century when Haussman rebuilt and
reorganized all the town.

There are no streets with the same name in two different arrondissements.
But you will find for example a "Boulevard" de Rochechouart. You can also
find a "rue", a "Boulevard", an "impasse" and a "rue du faubourg" with the
same name (for instance Saint Denis) and in different arrondissements. And
some streets are partly in one arrondissement and partly in an other. It is
the case for Boulevard de Rochechouart: It begins in the 9th and finishes in
the 18th (as the arrondissements are organized turning like a snail, the 9th
is beside the 18th).

Some streets have one side in an arrondissement and the other side in the
other (that means odd and even numbers in different arrondissements - in
Paris, streets are numbered begining >from the Seine with even numbers on the
wright and odd numbers on the left).

I don't know if it helps.

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ - Paris

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