French SIG #France Brussels newspaper archive look-up -- Big Mystery #france


I would greatly appreciate it if someone in Belgium (Brussels) can
track down a newspaper article about a Jewish Brigade veteran by the
name of Reinhold who was kidnapped off the streets of Brussels around
May 14 (or 17), 1947. Yes, 1947!
A newspaper reporter spotted the kidnapping and quickly got the police
to give chase. The kidnappers were caught, put on trial and sent to
jail. Reinhold, who was injured and sent to the hospital, suddenly
disappeared >from Brussels a short time later with the help of British
Secret Service. Big mystery.

The kidnapping incident was written up in a one or more newspapers in
Brussels near the dates mentioned above. I hope someone has access to
an electronic archive of newspaper articles that can search for this
1947 story. Thank you very much.

Eva Berlin
Princeton, New Jersey

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