French SIG #France Re: BERKOWITZ Notary LIVING IN Paris 1891 #france

Ernest Kallmann

At first sight, the medals don't look French, especially the central one
with a crown on top.
French notaries (a strictly regulated profession, they are acting under
government control) can be followed back to the 18th century. A search
in their lists shows no Berkowitz. Besides, there have been practically
no Jewish notaries in France until recently, after 1960.
The partly legible text on the sash looks written in French. The first
two letters SO might be the beginning of Societe, which could be as well
a Chewra Kadisha or a bowling club.

All this is confirmed by the translation of the script on the back :

On the occasion of my 74th birthday I send you my picture as a memory.
Your faithful Father, etc...
What was considered a Notary (Notar) is in fact a father (Vater).

Ernest Kallmann
Cercle de Généalogie Juive, Paris, France

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