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Debby Gincig Painter

I was wondering if any one was going to the Strassbourg archives in the
near future? There is a very important question that needs answering.

It is not very important for me to have a copy of the birth certificate
- though if not too expensive it might be nice to have - but mostly I
need to verify the name of their mother. Mother is either Anna
Joskowitz (born July 07, 1879 Peitrkov?) or Nisle/Nishler Levi (born
August 22, 1881 Strassbourg). Father: Mosiek Srul "Max" Klinger.

LEA ELISABETH KLINGER born June 7, 1905 (also have dates of June 9,
1907 and July 7, 1907) in Herbsheim?
ISADORE KLINGER born March 15, 1908 in Strassbourg

Would also be nice if the names of Nisle/Nishler Levi could be found.

Thank you in advance,
Debby Painter

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