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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

I have a naturalization file for Leopold KAHN and Adele HECHT, and for
Isaac KAHN dit Julius (his brother) and Adelaide KAHN. I answer you
privately to giveyou all the details I have for the family...
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ - Paris
Selon Sherry Landa and Russell Johnson <sherry.landa@...>:


I have banns slips (>from that well-known subscription site) as follows:
29 July 1875: Leopold KAHN (s/o Maurice & Fanny nee WERTHEIM) of 87 r.
Lafayette, 9e to Adelaide HECHT (d/o Samuel & Jeanne nee LEVIS) of av H=
9e. I have checked the "Releve des Ketoubot au Consistoire de Paris
1872-1884" and the marriage isn't included. Is there an easy way to fin=
d out
when and where they married?

I can't make a trip to Paris to look at the decenal tables. :-(

Sherry Landa (23170, Viersat, FRANCE)

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