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Bernard Shrybman, born to Hinda and Yehuda Leyb Shrybman, emigrated >from
Ukraine (probably near Zhitomyr) to Paris in approximately 1910,
together with brother Charles (Yehoshua); they were soon followed by
sister Rachel. I have "mapped" the families of Charles and Rachel but
hit a wall on Bernard.

He allegedly married Berthe, and had two sons and a daughter, probably
in or near Paris. His son Emile was probably born approximately
1915-1925, and lived in Paris as an adult. Emile's address in the 50s
was 126 Rue de Flandres, Paris, 19th arondissement. He . His wife was
probably a singer - opera and/or theatre; her name sounded like Galeau.
I believe they had one son.

Bernard's other son, name unknown, lived in Africa for a while as an
adult before returning to France. He had at least two children (unknown
genders, names, birthdates, country of birth). Wife's name unknown.

About Bernard's daughter I have almost no information, except that she
was very likely captured by the Vichy/Nazis and did not survive the war.

I would be very grateful for any information on this family, or for any
tips on how to proceed. My searches of French sites have provided no
evidence of any Shrybman. I have heard that there is no French national
birth registry. I would appreciate any guidance on how to search (or
request a search) of Shrybman, Shrybman, Schreibman, etc., birth
records, probably in Paris. Ditto for information on French citizens
born abroad (Africa)? And death records in Paris?

You can reach me at androgyn@....


Marty Thomas

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