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Alison Greengard

My husband's great-great-great-grandmother was Victoire ALFENNE,
born in 1790 in Nantes. Her father was a merchant, Isaac ALFENNE,
born in 1753 in either France or Frankfurt. According to my
research there were approximately 25 Jews in Nantes in 1808,
including the ALFENNE family. Nantes overall seemed to be
pro-Revolution. Where did the Jewish population stand on this
matter? Did they hope to achieve full citizenship if they
supported the Revolution? Was the fact that Isaac named his
daughter "Victory" in 1790 an indication that he was for
the Revolution?

In a separate question, ALFENNE seems to be a variant of the
CHALFON/ALPHEN/HALPHEN family of Sephardic Jews. I would
welcome any information on the family in general.

Thank you.
Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

ALFENNE, Nantes, Paris, France
ARON, Strasbourg area, France
GREENGARD, Virbalis, Lithuania
AARONS,ARON, Riga, Latvia and Siaulai, Lithuania
KAPLAN, Slonim and Baranovichy, Belarus
TARGOWNIK, Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland
FILUT, Ciechanow, Poland

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