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Hi everyone,

My question concerns my husband's maternal family. His great great
grandfather Joseph Netter was born in Lixheim, Lorraine in 1815 and died
in Dieuse in 1876. Does anyone have any idea where he would be buried????

Also, how would one research the following to get birth, death and a
marriage record:

Joseph Netter married Miriam Levy (born in Lixheim) and a daughter
of Issac Levy. They had 5 children:

Fleurette Netter born 1841 (Don't know where born), immigrated to US
in 1873 with brother Benoit (Benjamin).

Male child who died in infancy (Don't know where born or died)

Cerf Netter born 1847 & died 1866 (Don't know where born or died)

Benoit (Benjamin) Netter born 1850 (Don't know where born),
immigrated to US in 1873 with sister Fleurette.

Hippolite Netter born 1/14/1852 in Gelecourt, Lorraine, immigrated
to US in 1871.

I would appreciate any and all ideas.

Thank you,

Andrea Shafer Weinberg
St. Petersburg, Florida

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