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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

That's right, the Lutetia Hotel was taken as a location for deportees in
1945. They could not stay a very long time there, because they had to give
place to new comers. As soon as an other solution for them was found they
had to go. My father, as the vice-director of COJASOR had his headquarter in
this hotel for some times. As far as I know, lists were established and
people who wanted to know if some one was still alive had to go there.

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Re: L'hotel Lutetia a Paris, 1945

I know that it was the headquarters of the German Gestapo during the World
War II occupation.
What was its post-war function (1945)?
I believe it was a registry location for deportees returning after the
How did it operate?
Bernard Kouchel

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