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Dear Larry,
But if you want to get the copy of the act which was signed before the
public notary (the one in the Fraenckel book) we can look into the Alsatian
archives in Strasbourg : it should be there since it was used by Aron
Fraenckel. Tell us if you are interested (it will not be in hebrew...) but
maybe a reference is made about the ketouba and also the civil marriage
contract might contain more information than those published by Fraenckel .
Sincerely yours
Claudie Blamont

Larry Frankel wrote
The marriage contract of my great-great-great-great grandparents
Lippman Elias and Rachel Alexander (>from 1771) is contained on page 52
of the Fraenkel book of 18th century Alsatian Jewish marriage
contracts. It's one of the longer, more detailed ones in the book, not
simply an abstract. It would mean a lot to me and my family to be able
to get a scanned copy of the original image of the marriage contract
(i.e., in Hebrew characters) rather than simply the the printed
translation. Does anyone know where the original contracts -- or any
scanned copies -- might reside and how one might go about getting a
scanned image?

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