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Subject: Re: Greatuncle in Paris - CRYSTAL/KRISTAL/KRYSTAL
From: William Alschuler (walschuler@...)=2C USA=2C San Francisco

You all may laugh at this, but when I was searching for lost relatives
of a French physicist of the Belle Epoque, I found the French phone
directory on line and copied the coordinates of the two surnames I
was searching >from all over France. I then wrote a form letter of
inquiry (in French) and snail-mailed it to all the names. I included
a question about specific earlier ancestors to weed out any false
positives. I sent about 120 out and got about 40 back a really high
rate of replies. All were courteous some quite interesting,
but none turned out to be relevant.

Good luck!
William Alschuler

P.S. I am still looking for descendants of Lucien LIPPMANN
and Mathilde LIPPMANN HAMMES (married Jacques HAMMES) both born
in the 1820s in Luxembourg then resident in Paris at least to 1857.

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