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Nancy Holden

New JewishGen class
"Analyze Your Data" Dec 2 - Dec 15, 2013
A short course for Intermediate and Advanced students.

How do you go >from creating a research plan to data gathering?
How do you go >from Data collection to proof positive?

How do you know when your research is complete?

Become a problem solver: Take a class in analyzing collected data.
Learn how to cite your sources so that someone else can follow your
tracks. Find out what constitutes Proof Positive in the genealogical
search. This course is for those who are already familiar with the
research process and want to know more. We will present you with a
case study puzzler and work together to push the evidence to
complete the search. Two weeks of skill building exercises.
Enrollment limited. $18. December 2 - 15
For more information:
Nancy Holden, Instructor
Questions? write: JewishGen-Education@...

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