The Ancestors of Edel Raphael in Ettendorf and Wittersheim, Alsace #france

Ralph N. Baer <RalphNBaer@...>

All of the place names in this message not otherwise designated are in
Alsace. Most of the information contained here was pieced together >from the
book "Memoire Juive en Alsace: Contrats de Mariage au XVIIIeme Siecle," by
Andre Aaron Fraenckel. There are some inconsistencies which I will not go
into in this message.

My fifth great-grandmother, Edel Raphael, was born in 1730 in Wittersheim.
On about 2 September 1751 she married in Haguenau the teacher Feistel
Heymann (Feissel Hayim, Ouri-Chraga Hayim) (born 1728 Gunstett). Edel was
living in Ettendorf at the time of her marriage. After marriage, Edel and
Feistel lived in Ingwiller. The male descendants of this family assumed the
name GUNSTETT in 1808 as was mentioned in a message in early March about
that family.

Edel's parents were Raphael (Fohlen) Aron who was the Rabbi in Ettendorf and
earlier lived in Wittersheim and Malcke. Raphael's father, Aron Raphael,
died before 1750. I am, of course, interested in any earlier ancestral

The following four people were apparently children of Aron Raphael and his
unknown wife. I have some information on all the lines and am very
interested in adding to it. Also, I am interested in identifying further

1) Raphael Aron, Rabbi, apparently still living in 1776, died by 1778
probably in Ettendorf, married to Malcke, lived in Wittersheim and Ettendorf
(my sixth great-grandparents)

2) Ettel (Edel) Aron of Wittersheim, married 1. to Schile Simon-Mosche, died
in Dauendorf, married 2. 17 February 1750 Minversheim to Nesanel (Samuel)
LEVY, living in 1760 in Haguenau. The descendants of the first marriage
adopted the name KORB.

3) Ephrayim (Zalmon, Salomon) Aron of Wittersheim, married 13 August 1755
Kuttolsheim to Soerle (Serche) Moyse of Mannheim (Baden)

4) Isaac Aron, married to Guttel Alexandre, lived in Wittersheim

I have been able to identify eight children of Rabbi Raphael Aron. There
may have been others. Probably all but Moyse, who was born in Ettendorf,
were born in Wittersheim.

1) Feigel Raphael of Wittersheim, living in 1750 in Ettendorf, living in
1778 in Surbourg, apparently died by 1781 Haguenau, married 1. 21 January
1750 Haguenau to Nachman Meyer of Gunstett, married 2. 21 December 1778
Haguenau to Meyer Mordekhay (Marx) of Haguenau

2) Edel Raphael 1730 Wittersheim, living in 1751 in Ettendorf, married about
2 September 1751 Haguenau to Feistel Heymann (Feissel Hayim, Ouri-Chraga
Hayim) 1728 Gunstett, teacher (my fifth great-grandparents)

3) Merle Raphael, living in 1759 in Ettendorf, married 27 June 1759
Mommenheim to Abraham Yehiel of Wittersheim

4) Salomon (Efraim) Raphael, living in 1762 in Ettendorf, married 24
February 1762 Hochfelden to Scheinel Aron (of Weiterswiller?)

5) Samuel Raphael BLUM, living in 1763 in Ettendorf, married 16 February
1763 Hochfelden to Gella (Gela, Gales KORB) Schiele (cousin, daughter of
Ettel Aron) of Dauendorf, living in 1784 in Bischheim

6) Aron Raphael, cantor, living in 1767 in Ettendorf, living in 1773 in
Surbourg, married 1. 11 June 1767 Wittersheim to Scheinel Goetschel of
Reichshoffen, married 2. 20 August 1773 Surbourg to Ettel Nachman (Adele
MEYER) (niece, daughter of Feigel) (of Surbourg?), living in 1784 in
Krautergersheim, living in 1808 in Bischheim

7) Israel Raphael BLUM, living in 1771 in Ettendorf, married 20 February
1771 Strasbourg? to Malka Jacob (Sara ROOS) of Nonnenweier, living in 1784
in Ettendorf, living in 1808 in Bischheim

8) Moyse Raphael of Ettendorf, living in 1778 in Bischheim, married 26
November 1778 Bischheim to Hindel (Huendel) Menahem WEYL of Bischheim,
living in 1784 in Bischheim. Sons adopted the family name BLUM in 1808.
Moyse was apparently dead by that time.

I have varying amounts of data on most of these lines and am interested in
adding to it. As can be seen, at least three of the branches assumed the
name BLUM.

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

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