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Fred Half

I am trying to determine relationships of what looks like two different
SELIG families that are part of my tree. I will list what I know as fact
and hope that someone who has researched this family can possibly show
me some verifiable links.

Moyse SELIG (died in Thuringen, Bavaria on 9 June 1809) was married to
Anne SELIG. They had one son (Seligman SELIG) that I am certain of.
Seligman was born on 13 September 1804 in Thuringen and died on 11
January 1861 in Rothbach, Alsace, France. Seligman was married to
Gertrude UHRY in Ingwiller, Alsace, France on 4 September 1835. Gertrude
was the daughter of Samuel UHRY and Dinah MEYER. Gertrude was born 29
July 1805 in Ingwiller, Alsace, France and died 16 April 1852 in
Rothbach, Alsace, France. Seligman and Gertrude had five children Moise
(b 29 March 1837), Samuel (b 2 November 1838 - d 13 February 1839 in
Rothbach, Alsace, France), Eve (b 15 December 1840 in Rothbach, Alsace,
France - d 8 January 1930 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Leopold (b 10
December 1842 in Rothbach, Alsace, France), and Abraham (b 24 February
1848 in Rothbach, Alsace, France). Eve was my paternal great grandmother
married to my paternal great grandfather Isaac HALF in Philadelphia, PA,
USA on 8 March 1865. On 15 September 1856 a Moses SELIG arrives in New
York, New York, USA aboard the R. D. Shepherd >from Harve, France. The
age matches per the birth record. On 5 July 1860 according to the
passenger list >from the Ship Cornelia, Isaac HALF, Eve SELIG, and
Leopold SELIG arrived in New York, New York, USA >from Harve, France. The
ages listed on the manifest do not quite match in all cases (looks like
the ages of Eve and Leopold are reversed maybe on purpose to have the
male be older than the female) but I don't usually use listed ages as
verifiable sources anyway. =46rom the History of Hocking Valley Ohio,
1883 "He (Isaac HALF) was first employed in the upholstery house of M.
Steinhous in New York City, where he remained until the fall of 1861
when he came to Athens, Ohio and was employed as a clerk in the store of
I. (Isaac) Selig & Co. The same company in Athens, Albany, and Logan,
Ohio employed him until 1864 when he with L. (Leopold) Selig purchased
the stock of I. Selig & Co. and established themselves in the mercantile
business at Athens under the firm name of L. Selig & Co. In 1868 M.
(Moses) & A. (Abraham) Selig became associated with them changing the
firm name to M. Selig & Co. The firm dissolved in December 1882. The
1870 US Federal Census has Isaac HALF and his family living in Athens,
OH, USA. This information is verifiable >from various family
documentation. What is interesting is that Leopold SELIG and Abraham
SELIG are also living there. The 1881 Philadelphia Directory depicts a
company M. Selig and Co. employing Moses, Leopold, and Abraham SELIG
along with Isaac HALF. Isaac HALF and Abraham SELIG are shown in the
directory as living in Ohio. I have not researched any other
Philadelphia Directories.

Isaac SELIG arrived with his wife Agatha and children Emil, George,
Soloman, and Leon in New York City aboard the John Wesley on 9 December
1853. They are living in the 20th Ward in Philadelphia per the 1860 US
Federal Census. There are two more children (Hanna and Ely) plus an
additional person, Moses SELIG. The age for Moses SELIG matches that the
Moses SELIG above. Isaac SELIG and family are continued to be in
Philadelphia as indicated in the 1870 and 1880 US Federal Census. One
additional daughter (Esther) was born about 1863. A description of a
very large and elaborate wedding was in the Athens Ohio newspaper
(Athens Messenger) on 8 March 1877. Abraham SELIG was married in
Philadelphia, PA, USA to Sarah STERN. Members of the bridal party
included brother and sister Hannah and Emil SELIG, and Esther, Julia,
Moses, and Leopold SELIG. It is not clear whether the aforementioned
SELIGs are matches but it seems highly likely. The only outlier is Julia
SELIG. Seligman SELIG married a second time after his wife died and had
a daughter Jutte (which could certainly become Julia) but I have no
information as to her coming to the United States.

If anyone has this family in their research or any information or ideas
as to the connection to the two families please contact me privately.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Fred Half
Palo Alto, CA USA

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